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Croatia & Bosnia

                                              (Sample tour)

Day 1 – Split
Arrival at Split International Airport.
Check-in at selected hotel in Split.
Rest of the day at leisure for relaxing and / or personal discovering
Recommended Activities:
Have a coffee on Split Riva (waterfront) and admire the parade of the nicest girls.
Relax, swim and get a tan on the beach of Bačvice in the centre of the city.
Get lost in the alleyways of the palace and admire the 1700 years of architecture.
Touch the toe of Grgur Ninski for good luck, or make a vow.
The Marjan hill for a unique sight over the peninsula of the city.
Sustipanpour Park for a matchless view of Bra ć and Šolta Islands.
Nightlife enjoyment in Split.
Overnight in Split.

Day 2 – Split – Dubrovnik
Transfer to Dubrovnik.
Check-in at selected hotel in Dubrovnik.
Tour of Dubrovnik starting with Pile Gate's original Gothic inner gateway.
Glimpses & sightseeing of:
The walls towers and fortress of Dubrovnik.
The Minceta tower where weddings are often organized.
The column of the medieval hero Orlando, Near Vrata od Ploce.
The monumental and impressive fortification Lovrijenac.
The Sponza Palace that keeps the archives of the city.
The XIIth century cathedral of Dubrovnik.
The outstanding pedestrian promenade of Placa.
Churches, monasteries, palaces, stony houses and fountains.
The ramparts to discover a superb panorama on the city and on the Sea.
One of the oldest synagogues in the world in street Zudioska.
The delightful Place of the Loggia surrounded with monuments.
The Church Saint-Blaise, the patron saint of the city of Dubrovnik.
The Convent of the Dominicans on the street Dominika Svet.
The Gothic-Renaissance Rectors Palace.
Rest of the day at leisure for relaxing and / or personal discovering
Nightlife enjoyment in Dubrovnik.
Overnight in Dubrovnik.

Day 3 – Dubrovnik, (Croatia) – Sarajevo, (Bosnia)
Transfer to Sarajevo.
Glimpses & sightseeing of:
The city of Mostar.
The city of Sarajevo.
The Ferhadija Mosque.
The Serb Orthodox Cathedral.
The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Jesus' Heart.
The Sarajevo Synagogue.
The Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque.
The St. Joseph Church.
The Old Synagogue
The Tsars Mosque.
The Old Jewish chapel.
The Sahat-kula, Old clock tower.
The Old town of BašÄaršija beside medieval ruins a Bazaar & Coffees.
The Gazi Husrev-beg Bazaar.
The Courtyard to the BašÄaršija Mosque.
The Faculty of Islamic Studies.
The Ćumurija Bridge and the Ban Kulin alley
The Sarajevo National Theatre
The Sarajevo Academy of Fine arts
The Bosnian medieval collection at the Bosniak Institute
The Presidency Building
Check-in at selected hotel in Sarajevo.
Rest of the day at leisure for relaxing and / or personal discovering
Nightlife enjoyment in Sarajevo.
Overnight in Sarajevo.

Day 4 – Sarajevo, (Bosnia) – Osijek, (Croatia)
Transfer to Osijek.
Check-in at selected hotel in Osijek.
Scenic tour of Osijek.
Glimpses & sightseeing of:
The 18th century Baroque citadel Tvrđa.
The promenade along the Drava ("promenada").
The suspension pedestrian bridge toward Baranja.
The Municipal Park of King Petar Krešimir IV.
The Tomislav Park dating from the beginning of the 20th century.
A few Croatian zoological gardens, along the Drava River.
A monument to Ante Starčević.
The Neo-Gothic Co-cathedral of St. Peter and Paul.
Rest of the day at leisure for relaxing and / or personal discovering
Nightlife enjoyment in Osijek.
Overnight in Osijek.

Day 5 – Osijek – Zagreb
Transfer to Zagreb.
Glimpses & sightseeing of:
The city of Djakovo.
The Saint-Peter cathedral.
The Eco-ethno village Stara Kapela.
Gornji Grad (Upper town) of Zagreb also called Gradec.
St. Mark's Square and the Church of St. Mark.
The Banski Dvori historical building currently, occupied by the Government.
The Museum of naïve art.
The Gallery of Fine Arts Museum of contemporary art in Catherine's Square.
The Dverce Palace and the Lotrscak tower.
The promenade of Strossmayer with its panoramic view.
The Museum of natural history.
The Zagreb Museum.
The Observatory.
The Zagreb cathedral in Kaptol.
The Dolac central market.
The Tkalciceva Street very known for its numerous bars.
Donji grad (Lower Town or Downtown) built in the XIXth century.
Ban Jelačić Square, the central square of the city of Zagreb.
The Ilica Street.
The Nikola Šubić Zrinski Square and park and its pavilion of music.
King Tomislav Square with the Main Train Station.
Nikola Šubić Zrinski Square with its, music pavilion and fountains.
The Archeological museum.
Ante Starčević Square with a garden and plants.
The Marko Marulić Square.
The building of Croatian National Archive.
The Theodore Roosevelt Square.
The Mimara Museum.
The Marshal Tito Square.
The neo-baroque Croatian National Theatre building.
The Petar Preradovič Square or the "Flower Market".
The Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Lord.
Check-in at selected hotel in Zagreb.
Rest of the day at leisure for relaxing and / or personal discovering.
Nightlife enjoyment in Zagreb.
Overnight in Zagreb.

Day 6 – Zagreb – Zadar
Transfer to Zadar.
Glimpses & sightseeing of:
The Plitvice Lakes National Park world famous for its lakes arranged in cascades
Sixteen interlinked lakes 12 Upper Lakes and the four Lower Lakes.
The Korana River.
Numerous waterfalls, the tallest is Veliki Slap.
Several small rivers and subterranean karst rivers.
A colorful flora and a mixture of Alpine and Mediterranean vegetation.
A notably wide variety of plant communities, due to its range of microclimates.
Rare fauna such as the European brown bear, wolf, eagle, owl, lynx, wild cat and capercaillie.
A great variety of fishes in the lakes.
Check-in at selected hotel in Zadar.
Rest of the day at leisure for relaxing and / or personal discovering
Nightlife enjoyment in Zadar.
Overnight in Zadar.

Day 7 – Zadar – Split
Transfer to Split.
Glimpses & sightseeing of:
The city of Zadar.
The Roman Forum.
The church of Sainte Anastasia.
The church of Saint-Donatus.
The city of Trogir.
The historic heart of the city, ancient Diocletian's imperial fortified residence. Visit Diocletian's palace walls and doors: of gold, steel and silver.
The St Dujam cathedral, the most ancient cathedral in the world.
The temple of Jupiter transformed into Baptistry in the Middle Age.
The monumental court encircled with columns, called the Peristyle.
The luxurious structures of the Emperor Diocletian's apartments.
The tunnels of Diocletian's Palace linking the Riva with the Peristyle.
The place of the people (called “Pjaca” (piatsa) by the people of Split).
The ancient gothic style City hall of the 15th century.
The marshal Marmont's street, the main shopping street of the city.
The "Sulphur Baths" of Split.
The St. John's Cathedral known for his portal of master Radovan.
Check-in at selected hotel in Split.
Rest of the day at leisure for relaxing and / or personal discovering
Nightlife enjoyment in Split.
Overnight in Split.

Day 8 – Split
Transfer to Split international airport.
Flight back home.